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1. On Notification page, we should have a link to the item
Accidentally destroyed my EE avatar due to a malfunctioning mouse.
I just subscribed for the next 4 years. I'm wondering what are some of the common ways that I should take advantage of the Experts Exchange service(s).
I can't find the page with the EE expert badge generator.  I thought it used to be on the Certifications page, but it doesn't appear to be there.  goofle is no help, and site search didn't turn it up either.  Would somebody point me to the location?
how can i consult the EE articles database?
As of this morning, when I click "edit question" on EE, I get three big check marks. This happens no matter which question I open. Here is the graphic of the error I'm getting. and I'm getting it in firefox and Chrome. As you can see the three checkmarks are making it nearly impossible for me to edit the subject line of my posting.
is it really needed that the topics take almost the whole page (vertically) and the columns are so wide, even when there is only one number?
see what i mean :
I am unable to find help embedded on this site's own help to learn how to attach a document or code block to a question. Please help me on this.

EE interface changed again today (or recently), can't award multiple people, difficult to leave a comment on a closed question.

Why can't you leave alone stuff that already WORKS!!!
can the black ribbon- that takes about a half screen in the new EE display - been removed?
also, how do i get a list of questions, like i had before?
now i must first select questions, then i see 3 last questions - unacceptable for me; i was able to view 25 questions on a page
please install a version for desktops too, not only for handhelds!!!also the chat symbol takes a whole left colum, leacving about 1/4 of thescreen for questions
I am spammed by course alerts from EE in the last two weeks.

Could you please tell where to switch these alerts off?

If I message another expert from my profile at EE how do I go to the thread that creates?
Does EE still have a live help system, that gets billed per minute to the recipient of the help?

I've got a user wanting help in this way, but I can't find the tool to offer it through the EE site. I have a feeling it may have been removed, but want to confirm before I look for alternatives.

Hi Folks,

When printing an EE article, code snippets are jumbled up...they look like this:

Gustav Brock submitted a bug report on this more than two years ago:
Code blocks of article print view are unreadable

The EE Mod at the time, Modalot, said this:
Ouch. That renders the printout almost useless. I've filed this internally as a major bug.
Not being aware of Gustav's bug report, I submitted one about two months ago:
Print feature at articles does not format code snippets properly

In response to my bug report, the same Mod (Modalot) informed me that it is an old bug and is "still unresolved". Being more than 2-1/4 years old and filed as a "major bug" by a Mod who has been an EE member for more than 10 years, it seems to me that EE is either incapable of, or not interested in, fixing the bug. As a result, I'm looking to the experts here for a workaround. I want to use the workaround to "print-to-PDF" my 63 EE articles and the Steps at my 47 EE video Micro Tutorials. Although that's 110 publications, only some of them have code snippets, so while I would prefer as automated a solution as possible, having to do some manual effort on each one is fine. I'm also fine with a solution that requires other products, such as Microsoft Word, or other commercial software. Thanks for your ideas! Regards, Joe
During typing a comment
SNAG-0067.bmpthe editor added a hyperlink to one language but not the other.

Why?  How do I stop this / enable this behaviour.
How do I find answered questions? You have made that TERRIBLY difficult to find.
To Whom it may concerns,

I notice that when I copy paste a script into the thread, recently it does HTML formatting and breaks all of the indentings. See the below for example.

$ListOfServers = Get-ADComputer -Filter {Enabled -eq $True -and OperatingSystem -like "*Server*"} -SearchBase "DC=Domain,DC=com"
# If you want in in a text files containing server list or names    
#$ListOfServers = Get-Content "c:\temp\serv.txt"

Foreach ($Server in $ListOfServers) {
    Invoke-Command -ComputerName $Server -ScriptBlock {
        # Get Certificate list and assign to a variable
        $Certs = Get-ChildItem "Cert:\LocalMachine\My" -Recurse

        #To get a list of all cert storage locations.
        #(Get-ChildItem -Path "Cert:" -Recurse | Where-Object {($_).GetType().Name -eq 'X509Store'}).Name        

        # Loop through each object in $Certs
        Foreach ($Cert in $Certs) {
            # If The objects property "NotAfter" is older than the current time, delete
            If ($Cert.NotAfter -lt (Get-Date)) {
                $Cert | Remove-Item -WhatIf # Remove the -WhatIf to make it run for real.

Open in new window

Can anyone please suggest if this is a known issue in the new EE website or this is an issue in the Visual Studio code?
Searching for my prior question on EE?

I can no longer see how to query the EE EB for my prior questions.

How do I do this?

several years ago, experts of EE were granted free software from Paragon, like disk manager
is this system still valid?  and if not,  when did it end?
is it is still valid - how can i continue obtaining the softwares?
I haven't been active in a while, but I just noticed that at some point, my expert badge stopped working - was that deprecated or changed at some point? I did some searching and didn't see any commentary about it, but I also couldn't find details about getting an updated one in my profile anywhere.

Thanks for any help!
I would like to learn how to ask a question on Experts Exchange more efficiently for non English native speaker.
I'm often not sure how to describe my question and gives a wrong idea.
it would be nice if I could be more courtesy and gives a good impression
Are there any good tutorial for it?
Using the New EE interface

I have used EE for at least 15 years and love it. BUT, I also fell in love with a feature that seems gone: the ability to search my own questions so I can read the answers I got.

This was my "secret weapon" since I could read the feedback from a question I'd asked months, or even years, prior.

Does this still exist?

Hope so!

Hello experts,
I would like to set up an AutoHotkey script to swiftly manage the following EE processes executed on a regular basis:
Insert-image which requires 3 mouse click:
Embed-image-1.pngEmbed-image-2.pngAttach a file which requires 3 mouse click:
Attach-file.pngI am aware that mouse click is complicated to manage with AutoHotkey however there must be a smart and swiftly way to manage this.
If you have some feedback and advice on this, please let me know.
Thank you for your help.
it looks like i dn't receive mail notificatioions from EE for 4-6 days now
my normal ail accounts work normally,  i can send and receive mail
What do I need to do to propose a new topic and become a verified expert here with the following products;
 Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server & Microsoft Power BI. Last year I was approached by an admin suggesting I do just that. \
Anyone know what the steps are to accomplish this.

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