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MultiMedia Applications

Multimedia applications are those programs that integrate more than one media at a time; browsers are the most obvious. However, the term has come ...

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Troubleshooting Solution

You Tube Videos Playlists Merging

I would like to find if I Can merge 2 playlists into one playlist in YouTube videos. Also, if there …

How Do I Fix Slow Streaming and Buffering Problems?

Tired of waiting for your show or movie to load?  Are buffering issues a constant problem with your internet connection?  Check this article out to see if these simple adjustments are the solution for you.

Advancements in smell-based user interfaces could have …

Advancements in smell-based user interfaces could have "tremendous potential for AR and VR …
Troubleshooting Solution

Camera on Windows 10 Not working

I am trying to get the camera working on windows 10 laptop, but it keeps giving me error shown …

How to Embed Screenshots and Other Files with My Personal Knowledgebase

During the review/publication process for one of my previous articles,
Troubleshooting Solution

Automatically Shazam MP3s and Rename

i am looking for a software that can automatically do what Shazam does.
i have a folder of unnamed …
Troubleshooting Solution

Quad Core? Six Core? Eight Core?   How much Difference Does Each Increment Make?

I'm shopping for a new laptop and want to know:

Is spending the extra money to go from Quad Core to …

In absolutely terrifying technology progress... back in …

In absolutely terrifying technology progress... back in November, Adobe announced a new vocal …
Troubleshooting Solution

Windows 7 and Windows Live Movie Maker won't open.

I sent the program to the desktop and right click and open and nothing.
Tried again right click …
Troubleshooting Solution

Appropriate hardware to build a PC for converting video into different formats.


We have drama departments and few other departments, and they record video on a HD camera.
Troubleshooting Solution

I need a headset for a mobile device. I work in a construction site. A LOUD Construction Site

I need to hear my callers while they're speaking to me in loud environments. What kinds of apps or …
Opinion Solution

Looking for recommendations for a free video editing software package

I have a manager that is looking for recommendations for a free video editing software application. …
Troubleshooting Solution

Does Zoom require email address of webinar participants

We are using Zoom for a webinar format for our congregations Sunday Services. All attendees have to …
Troubleshooting Solution

Adobe Premiere Pro playback of .mov file is jumpy

I have an animation I'd like to try and integrated into a large video, but when I add the video (mov …
Troubleshooting Solution

Convert HTTP to UDP streaming

I would like to convert HTTP streaming HLS  to UDP or RTP, I  have tried VLC  and it works …
Troubleshooting Solution

Audacity Version for Windows 7 - Which Version to Install? What the Web Site says versus Reality..

Anyone out there in EE land using Audacity in Windows 7?
I mean really using it.
. The site says 2.3.3 …
Troubleshooting Solution

Looking for a free alternative to apple garage band for a windows 10 computer

I need a free program for windows that is similar to garage band for apple.  I'm sure there are …

5 Tips to Making a Great Prezi Presentation

Keep your audience engaged and get the most out of your next presentation with these quick Prezi tips.
Troubleshooting Solution

Display port from pc to computer monitor.

The top photo is what I think we need to connect a pc with a display port to a standard computer …

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