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Outlook Expert, Microsoft 365 Consultant
Microsoft Outlook Expert
August 2007 – Present
Call That Girl Specializes in small business support for all versions of Outlook, PC and Mac, iPhone, Exchange and 3rd party apps. iCloud, Google Apps,, Gsyncit, iTunes, Gmail and Exchange.

Other expertise: Office 365 consulting for small business, IT administration

Billable by the hour or project. 612-865-4475
Prepay tickets available for on-going support

Outlook Expert
Call That Girl/Lisa Hendrickson
July 2003 – Present
Remote Support
Besides supporting clients for Outlook Expert and Microsoft 365 consulting, I also have other professional IT services available that I offer to clients. These are also tasks that I know how to do well and enjoy doing. Please review this list and let me know how I can help. I’m also asking that you share with your colleagues who you think might benefit from hiring me to help. Thank you so much, I appreciate the support!

Virtual CIO (vCIO)

Many small businesses have an IT Director and it’s usually the founder/owner of the company. Eventually, you outgrow this role because your business needs you to make more important decisions, lead your team and direct tasks. This is where I can step in and help as a vCIO.

Most clients want simple help: tech support when they are busy, train and onboard new employees, assist with the Microsoft 365 accounts, training and projects, make decisions on purchasing software and countless other tasks as they arise.
Are you a one-person business? Just think how nice it would be to say, “Let me check with my Chief Information Officer before purchasing this software”. You can have one too, no matter what size business you own.
Having a vCIO is not as expensive as you might think. I sell my 3-hour ticket to keep this service affordable and you only get billed for the time I help.
IT Projects:

One of my specialties is helping clients do transitions to new technology. Many times, clients just buy software and have no game plan. Many over buy and have no idea what’s going on with what they purchased. I like to create a game plan for the clients which include buying/testing/deploying and then training. If you are tired of running projects by yourself, I can step in and help get them done. I know and understand deadlines very well. My business is managed by my calendar and I know how to manage expectations
Assist IT companies with training technicians how to troubleshoot Outlook
Exchange/Email migrations to Microsoft 365
New employee training
Security testing
Employee termination for all IT related accounts and access
Training for Outlook best practices, Microsoft 365, SharePoint, OneDrive, basic Team
Team restructuring
Data Rescue, Recovery and Investigation

I have many years of rescue and recovery for email related problems. Clients have hired me to find lost emails due to negligence on how the email was backed up, employee destroyed,  investigate employee theft and more often I get calls for rescuing lost email that a client lost themselves.
Data theft investigation/Data breaches (employee, subcontractors)
Email investigation
Business Coach Kick Start

Small businesses sometimes get in a rut and need a kick start to move ahead or want to learn some new tricks. I learn from watching others online and I have hired 2 business coaches to help me move to another level. I can help with business technology, organizing, new management ideas, marketing ideas and for computer technicians, remote support business growth.

For thirteen years I have been the master of my newsletter list. I enjoy creating my own and not hiring people to do them. If you are interested, I can show you all the things I do for a successful newsletter campaign that can offer a wide variety of topics, call to action and results. Typically, I can cover in one hour enough to give you a good start.
Social Media Training

Most people prefer one on one help versus group training for this service. Not everyone likes the same social media and some want more direct training with one media versus another.  I have 13 years of professional experience using the internet and social media for marketing my business and I know 3 things very well. I know what works for my business and will help you with Google/SEO, YouTube and LinkedIn.
Looking to learn how to do your own SEO with your website? I can help you learn this as it is my #1 way for getting business
Want to start up a YouTube channel? YouTube is my #2 way of getting new clients
Not sure about LinkedIn? It has a great search engine that works outside of Google. I can help teach you how to setup your profile to be found and get new contacts and clients. LinkedIn and it is my #3 way of getting business.
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