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Network Administrator
Jones Stephens Corporation
February 2007 – Present
Moody, AL
This account will primarily be used by the Network Administrator, but may occasional be used by our Helpdesk Technician or our DBA.   Day to day job duties include managing around 35 production Virtual Machines Running ESXi on 3 Cisco UCS host connected to EMC VNXe and Lefthand P4000 SAN's.   Most of our 150-160 end users work in a Terminal Server Environment all running the same desktop or Laptops with Windows 7. The Desktops act as a "Thin Client" for the most part and is managed by Active Directory .  All of our Production servers are either MS Server 2003 (nearly phased out), and MS Server 2008.  Our main ERP system runs on a SQL 2008 Database which is used by all users throughout the organization. To Simplify things (for IT) end users are HEAVILY locked down on their PC's, with only a handful of upper management having Administrative rights on the workstation.   Spyware/Virus are almost unheard of. I'll deal with the moaning and groaning over lack of admin rights on their Workstations ANYDAY over dealing with Malware. ;)

We have a Satellite office location in the Northern part of the US which has around 20 users which are connected to our Main Office using a MPLS PNT connection which is AT&T's "proprietary" version of a basic VPN.  It's slow, EXTREMELY expensive and I don't have very many good things to say about it, but because of our office locations being outside of larger cities in both states, we don't have a lot of options.  All interoffice communication is done over a Digium VoIP system which was implemented by our last Network Admin and has been, without a doubt the most trouble free, maintenance free system we have.  In 4 years, the system has crashed once and the only issue we've had with it, is an issue I caused myself by installing the wrong update.  If ANYONE is looking into purchasing a VoIP system, take a look at this company.   They were the underdog 4 years ago when we migrated to them and there wasn't much info or reviews on them but now after 4 years of using it, It's been AWESOME.  There are only a few minor complaints that I have personally, but those complaints would be meaningless to most others.  It's an Asterisk System, and they are constantly updating the WebGUI with updates, bug fixes, etc.  

All switches and routers are Cisco and HP Procurves switches and sometime in 2014, we will be migrating to straight Cisco.  We use Fortinet for our Firewall/Security, and Wireless Access Points and BlueCoat for Compression/Bandwidth Management and QOS.

Because there is essentially only 2 of us to handle the Hardware, Software, and Network side of everything (Network Admin, and Helpdesk Tech) we stay extremely busy, without much "down time"  Everyday is a new day and working here keeps everyone on there toes.
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We are a small 3 man IT Department in the Wholesale/Retail industry selling plumbing products to everyone from your Mom & Pop Plumbing companies all the way up to Home Depot, Lowes etc.  We have about 150 users, spread across 2 office locations.  

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